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Parish Council

Here’s a brief list of the projects that the Parish Council is currently undertaking.

Village lamp
The lamp in The Square was removed and taken away to be refurbished. We have some challenges around the relighting of the lamp due to the decayed cabling. However, this has now been sorted by a donation from Scottish Power to replace the cabling, free of charge, as a gesture for the power cut issues the residents of the village have been experiencing.

We had to change the company undertaking the fabrication of the lamp and are now having a new canopy build completed by a specialist company in Buxton. They are looking to have the lamp installed at the beginning of May.

Telephone box
To date we’ve raised £2,500 towards the restoration of the telephone box
and are seeking further funding from several sources. We plan to install a defibrillator and believe that this will be great for the village. We’ve commissioned a company to remove and refurbish the telephone box which will take place later in the year.

Play area
Funding has been secured for new bark in filling on the remaining play area
base. Eventually we’d like to replace this with the soft texture base already installed in the other units.

Bus shelter
After some good work i’s been agreed that the bus shelter will be refurbished
over the next month. The Parish Council are still pushing to have a bus service reinstated.

Heritage bins
We’re planning to install two heritage bins in the village to help with the issues around litter. One will replace the dog bin on the parish field, and the second will be by the parish notice board. We’re just awaiting consent from CWaC.

Sanctuary Housing land
The acquisition of the small piece of land by the new housing estate so that we can maintain it and make the entrance to the village more presentable. Prior to acquiring the land, the Parish Council commissioned a review of the health and safety of the large beech tree. As you can see, it proved that it needed to be removed and this work was completed by Sanctuary Housing. The process for the Parish Council to acquire the land is now underway.

Website and Facebook
Please have a look at our website and Facebook page and let us have any feedback.

Neighbourhood Plan

Thank you to everyone who has supported the plan so far by completing our surveys.

This month saw the completion of our Heritage Document, the Conservation Area Assessment report (which looks at extending the current conservation area), and the Biodiversity and Habitats report.

Our next steps will be to start writing policies related to these reports and to send out a further short survey in connection with green spaces in the parish that we believe should have extra protection.

We hope you will continue to support our Neighbourhood Plan by completing this survey when it comes out.

Thanks again for your support in helping to protect and enhance our village.

Ince Neighbourhood Plan Group

Village Hall

Over the last six months, the new Management Committee has secured over £32,000 in grants to carry out repairs and improvements to breathe new life into the hall.

The Marshes Community Benefit Fund, which is funded by Frodsham Wind Farm, has awarded us £18,000 towards refurbishing the hall. On top of that, the Protos Community Benefit Fund has awarded us nearly £4,000, and CF Fertilisers has donated £1,000.

Work carried out so far

• New kitchen and appliances
• New disabled toilet
• New boiler and heating system
• New electrics
• New interior/exterior lighting
• New interior/exterior woodwork to replace damaged areas
• Interior painting and decorating
• Car park resurfacing

Work to be completed where funding has been secured
• Roof repairs
• Exterior painting
• New window blinds

Reservoir Wood Allotments

After the initial meeting, and then opening up the catchment area, there seems to be enough interest from residents in the project. We’re currently waiting for CWaC to approve and issue the license for the reservoir to become a wood allotment site. More information will follow.

We hope this newsletter is of interest to you and we look forward to the next issue. If you have any notices or events that you wish to be included in the next newsletter, please let us know. Email inceparishcouncil@gmail.com with any information you would like to have published or to ask a question of the Parish Council.

Best wishes from Ince Parish Council